Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!! Still decluttering!! Declutter Game Day 4 & 5

Yesterday was the first free Saturday I've had to myself for MONTHS!! For me that meant, it was a FREECYCLE day!! I tried to take full advantage of this free day to do some Spring Cleaning. OUT WITH THE OLD!!

I was on Day #4 of the Declutter Game, so I was going to do four categories of items to freecycle since I was getting rid of way more than 4 items. Come to find out my group changed its name and by the time I found out, it was too late to post and I didn't feel like leaving the house (I meet up with freecyclers at a public location).

So...I settled on four bags of shredded paper recycling, that I threw right in my own recycling receptacle (don't be fooled though, I still threw out and recycled way more stuff)!! The bonus was I reused paper bags I already had to recycle this clutter!!

Day #5...Happy Easter!! I didn't forget and this decluttering day was a good one!! My sorority reads
books to the kids at a neighborhood library. In addition to reading them books, we serve cookies, milk and we bring them books to take home. I had leftovers, so these were the perfect gift for my own family kiddies at Easter time. They got these after the super fun Easter egg hunt today!!

So happy to give them away and I hope they enjoy reading them. I actually ended up giving away 8 books, but took a pic of five for the sake of day 5!!

I'm getting my declutter on, even on the holiday!! Hope you had a great day too!!

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