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She's gone from bankruptcy to bank accounts, scams to savings, fiasco to frugal and did it with style!! My goal with this blog is to share my affirmations, tips, experiences, in the hopes that you will learn to be financially stable, fiscally fit and living in abundance!! 
Frugalicious Diva

Frugalicious Diva was birthed and coined in the Frugal Sisters Yahoo group. Her knack for living a frugal life while enjoying it, is what sparked the name.

Her journey has been a long one full of ups and downs, but through the support of her Frugal Sisters and her own personal determination, she has emerged from bankruptcy, high debt, job loss and living with her parents to being the financially able homeowner she is today. She understood that sacrificing now created a better later.

She is always happy to share her experience and expertise with others, allowing others to take the journey as they work toward their financial goals, pay less for everything and live life well and without regret. Her advice always is, “If you really want it, write it down and make it happen”.

Love Always,

Frugalicious Diva
Only Make Room for Abundance!!

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