Monday, June 18, 2012

Frugalicious Instant Win!! Kroger & Affiliates Victory Village Instant Win Game!!

If you like Kroger like I love Kroger (or any of its affiliates), then this daily Instant Game of Savings is for you!!

Go DAILY to the new P&G Victory Village Instant Win Game and rack up some savings!! Over 300,000 in prizes!! You can play once a day, EVERY DAY through June 23rd!!

My first two days, I won a total of 0.75 off my next visit to Kroger!! I used that savings to get some free Smart Balance butter and after the coupons, Kroger paid me back 0.17!! Then I won again and got 0.25 off the price of my Sunday newspaper. That little transaction got me to 100 fuel points, which means I can save 0.10 at the pump!! WOOHOO!!

I played again this morning guessed it!! I won AGAIN!! 0.25 today too!! Looks like I'll be getting more free stuff this month!! Play today and see what you win!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Time to Give!! Again...and again!!

Hey there frugalicious ones!! Remember when we had Give & Get Week? Well, that was a great way to take an inventory of what we give and receive for a week. We really should do it daily because if we stopped to think about it, it's ALWAYS a good time to give. Plus, no matter what anyone says, if you have breath in your body, you ALWAYS have something you can give, even if it's simply your smile, a hug, a compliment or a nice note.

Frugalicious Diva believes all these things and because many of you have blessed me with your presence, your words, your participation and your own tips, I want to continuously be a blessing to someone else!!

I've decided to adopt an organization or cause on a monthly basis and give to them. In May, I had my daughter drop off a nice size bag of toiletries to Monroe Street Neighborhood Center - Bridges Program.

In June, I'd been gathering personal items and getting them free (or almost free) with my couponing, I'd like to pass them on to organizations that can use them. I have been gathering wish lists of local organizations that can use the donations. So June's donations went to NAOMI Transitional House, a non-profit organization that provides shelter, support and beneficial services for women recovering from alcohol and substance abuse.

In order for all of you to join me and help out some worthy organizations, I've added the Frugalicious Diva Donation Page!! Names, websites and the their wish lists are available there!!

I FINALLY made June's Donation drop TODAY for NAOMI Transitional House!! With all the couponing for free items and free mail samples I've received, they have a nice overflowing box of goodies coming!!