Monday, June 18, 2012

Frugalicious Instant Win!! Kroger & Affiliates Victory Village Instant Win Game!!

If you like Kroger like I love Kroger (or any of its affiliates), then this daily Instant Game of Savings is for you!!

Go DAILY to the new P&G Victory Village Instant Win Game and rack up some savings!! Over 300,000 in prizes!! You can play once a day, EVERY DAY through June 23rd!!

My first two days, I won a total of 0.75 off my next visit to Kroger!! I used that savings to get some free Smart Balance butter and after the coupons, Kroger paid me back 0.17!! Then I won again and got 0.25 off the price of my Sunday newspaper. That little transaction got me to 100 fuel points, which means I can save 0.10 at the pump!! WOOHOO!!

I played again this morning guessed it!! I won AGAIN!! 0.25 today too!! Looks like I'll be getting more free stuff this month!! Play today and see what you win!!

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