Monday, April 16, 2012

GIVE & GET Week - Day 6 & 7 - Weekend Round Up!!

Saturday was the most awesome GIVE & GET day yet!! What a great day!! The happenings of this day helped confirm again that the more you give, the more you get...not that it should be the reason that we give, but seriously it's just the law. It's the Law of Karma and outlined in Luke 6:38. Let's read from the Contemporary English Version shall we?

""If you give to others, you will be given a full amount in return. It will be packed down, shaken together, and spilling over into your lap. The way you treat others is the way you will be treated."

I may have to do this list style...first my...
- gave my Mom a ride to salon (I do this monthly - Honor your father and mother; your days will be long!!)
- gave away items I was selling to my neighbor and friend
- gave away a hair product I was no longer using - a funny thing about giving...the opportunity ALWAYS arises for you!! When I arrived at a Natural Hair event, I told the host I wanted to donate it. There was a woman there who wanted to try that exact same product. What a match AND it was great meeting her too!!

GET List
- took a free Tai Chi class
- got free items at Kroger (coupons) and an apology from an almost rude cashier
- got an offer to be a hair model for big Natural hair event next month
- got a great deal of encouragement from other dreamers who see big things in me (that is PRICELESS)

Then on Sunday, it seemed like God was just showing out and giving me abundance!! With the exception of giving my offering (which was a sacrifice), I couldn't seem to give anything much as I tried. First, the Word seemed like it was just for me (doesn't it seem to happen like that when you really "need" a word?) and I was encouraged beyond belief!!

Then, I was offered a couple of favors, I was invited to dinner and something I was seeking clarity on really became clear to me. Wow, I just can't even express how good I'm feeling. I promise you it's not about what you see right now because great things are your way!!

Overall, life is good, no matter what we all have going on. If you woke up on this side of the dirt, you have always have an opportunity to give!! It really is true...the more you give, the more you get, so much so you can no longer keep track (I believe that's what they call your cup runneth-ing over). Enjoy your week!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

GIVE & GET Week - Day 5

Hey folks!!

Complete paperwork and declutter day today!! I have been purging emails, shredding papers, downsizing binders, cleaning shelves and clearing out spaces. So, it shouldn't be hard to guess that my GIVE today was a Freecycle list of items!! One lucky freecycler was gifted with a big box and a bag full of food, toiletries, notepads, magazines, recipes, organizing tools, plastic bags and etc, etc, etc...

In digging through all my stuff, I GOT a "clean it up". I've been having this decluttering unction all week and I know it's not by accident. Something great is ready to come into my life and I need to make room for it!! I hear God speaking and I'm listening!!

I ran across this today and thought it was quite apropos, don't you think? It's time!! Let's get ready!!

GIVE & GET Week - Day 4

Hey folks!!

Just a quick check in. Yesterday, I was so preoccupied I completely forgot to report...

Because I was so busy buried under paperwork and decluttering efforts, I don't really remember GIVING anything, except to myself some peace of mind...since I now have some clear space and some things out of my life. If this counts, I did give some frugal advice to someone who emailed me...

As far as my GET, I did receive my Tide Pods sample in the mail. Isn't the little washing machine cute?!! What a great freebie!!

Have a good day!! I'll check in later with Day 4!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GIVE & GET Week - Day 3

Wow, what a great day!!

Let me just share of the frugalicious things that happened to me!!

First, I sold an item and banked it. While across town, I saw the gas was 0.23 cheaper than what I've seen across the city, so I filled up. In my ode to Earth month and recycling, I dropped off a few phone books and a bunch of plastic bags at Kroger. I checked the clearance racks and saw nothing, so I spent no money there!! Then when I finally got home, my Silkies order came. It was from a "freebie" code last month that allowed me to get $10 worth of product for free, PLUS free shipping. Even though customer service told me they would most likely cancel my order due to their mistake of releasing the wrong code, I still got my free stuff!! That's good customer service; make it up even when you mess it up!!

Now my GIVE and GET stories happened all at the same time, in the same store today!! I went to Family Dollar to pick up my free razors, for which I had a coupon. While there, I also saw two more items I could get for free, based on the coupons I had in my binder. So these are my GET today:

While I was looking around for other deals, another customer was looking in the same area I was in. I glanced at her cart and the items for which she was searching and gave her all the coupons I had for her items. She was happy to get them and I was happy to give them. Also, those razors I got are the ones my Dad uses, so I gave him the razors. My free stuff is my family's free stuff!!

How did you do today?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GIVE & GET Week - Day 2

Hey folks!!

Just stopping in to post my Give & Get today!!

For my GET…well I got free lunch and dinner and I also received lots of coupons!! This week’s and the last few weeks’ circulars!! Woohoo!!

As far as my GIVE…it was a great day!! I gave away more stuff from freecycle and gave the leftovers to Goodwill. In addition to that, I helped a client/friend declutter her office today (Project 1 of 10). We got rid of major paper clutter…three large bags worth of shredded paper and two paper bags worth of recycling. I threw the paper in my recycling bin and donated the shredded paper to a local cat shelter that welcomes this recycling.

There’s lots more to do, but we made great progress!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

GIVE & GET Week - Day 1

Just sharing my thoughts on Facebook this morning...

I was thinking...As frugalicious folks, we're always getting something free or cheap. Are we also giving? Let's dedicate this week as a #GIVE & GET week!! Let's set out to give as we receive!! Blessings come, so let's bless another!!

This was my GET today!! Mail freebies!! I received the gud body lotion sample - Floral Cherrynova (Cherry Blossom & Almond Milk). Plus, one of my longtime frugal sisters sent me a big envelope of coupons!! That means FREE stuff tomorrow!!

My GIVE was pretty plentiful too!! First, I gave my neighbors two bags of items including food, hygiene and beauty items!! Additionally, I helped my parents declutter and we gave away the following on freecycle today: 

1) Big bag of plus size clothes (3x & 4x)
2) Cpap machines and tubes, along with bags they came in
3) 3 Men's suits (Big & Tall)
4) Men's Wolverine Steel toe, waterproof boots - Size 13M
5) Bag of wire hangers

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Goof for a Goof!!

Even between both myself and store making mistakes, I still saved and came out on top!!

(Me) Yesterday's goof: I didn't pay attention to the sale and missed out on my catalina at Kroger, plus found a coupon I forgot to use.

(Me) Today's goof: was not for the item on sale, but found another item, plus got the two I should have gotten yesterday.

(Kroger) Today's goof: The items didn't ring up the promo price, so the cashier checked, saw I was right and adjusted...too much. I tried to correct her, but she said "go ahead, the store needs to fix it, it's their fault."

(Me) Today's other goof: Umm...the four items were not part of the same sale promo, so no catalina for me...whomp, whomp, whomp...

Even though I didn't get the catalina, I still walked away with both of these for FREE and I didn't even have to use my coupon. I say, that's a win!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of March

How was your March? How did you do and where did you land? Share your Goodness or Madness of your March. What was Good, Bad and Ugly for you? Here's mine...

- used only cash all month and had several zero spending days
- used coupons and saved over 60% of my normal grocery budget
- cooked what we had and ate leftovers
- couponed and got cheap and free items (check previous blogs)
- donated items to fire victims and to Savers and received coupon
- continued to save via auto savings drafts

- two words: Library Fines (Boooooooooooo!!!)
- was very disorganized
- was haphazard with my budget sheet (*Gasp* Bad girl...I'm human)

- Unexpected car the tune of almost $400!!

GOALS for April
- continue to build my businesses, accept new contracts
- complete DIY home projects
- finish decluttering efforts
- have at least 10 zero spending days (not including bills)
- start saving to my Travel fund again

March was kind of a whirlwind. I remember being in Kroger way too many times…but I was hooked on finding deals, especially now that my printer is working. The deals and free items are so worth it!! I'm buying what we use and I saved so much in my budget (I did calculate that much).

This month did bring about some financial realizations and in some areas, I really need to step up my game. I’m always looking for a new opportunity, but I need more focus in securing them. That will change in April. Writing it down and making it happen!!

Life is such a great gift!! I encourage everyone to live it to your fullest potential ALL THE TIME!! Enjoy it, stop worrying and smile!!

~Frugalicious Diva~
Living it UP and in Abundance in 2012
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