Friday, April 13, 2012

GIVE & GET Week - Day 5

Hey folks!!

Complete paperwork and declutter day today!! I have been purging emails, shredding papers, downsizing binders, cleaning shelves and clearing out spaces. So, it shouldn't be hard to guess that my GIVE today was a Freecycle list of items!! One lucky freecycler was gifted with a big box and a bag full of food, toiletries, notepads, magazines, recipes, organizing tools, plastic bags and etc, etc, etc...

In digging through all my stuff, I GOT a "clean it up". I've been having this decluttering unction all week and I know it's not by accident. Something great is ready to come into my life and I need to make room for it!! I hear God speaking and I'm listening!!

I ran across this today and thought it was quite apropos, don't you think? It's time!! Let's get ready!!

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  1. Good work, we definitely need to declutter and organize our files regularly, and that's a good way to think of it. We have to make way for better things to come! Also, shredding files isn't just about decluttering, it's also a way to protect sensitive information. You never know when someone unscrupulous uses your data for something else. And we should have digital backups of the important papers we have, so managing our files becomes easier.

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