Monday, April 9, 2012

GIVE & GET Week - Day 1

Just sharing my thoughts on Facebook this morning...

I was thinking...As frugalicious folks, we're always getting something free or cheap. Are we also giving? Let's dedicate this week as a #GIVE & GET week!! Let's set out to give as we receive!! Blessings come, so let's bless another!!

This was my GET today!! Mail freebies!! I received the gud body lotion sample - Floral Cherrynova (Cherry Blossom & Almond Milk). Plus, one of my longtime frugal sisters sent me a big envelope of coupons!! That means FREE stuff tomorrow!!

My GIVE was pretty plentiful too!! First, I gave my neighbors two bags of items including food, hygiene and beauty items!! Additionally, I helped my parents declutter and we gave away the following on freecycle today: 

1) Big bag of plus size clothes (3x & 4x)
2) Cpap machines and tubes, along with bags they came in
3) 3 Men's suits (Big & Tall)
4) Men's Wolverine Steel toe, waterproof boots - Size 13M
5) Bag of wire hangers

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