Friday, December 21, 2012

FREE Whopper Sandwich from Burger King



Enjoy a big, juicy Whopper from Burger King for FREE!! Hurry over to and print yours!! Guess what? You can print TWO coupons (per computer)!!

This will not last long, so get yours NOW!! 


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dollar Tree Updated their Coupon Policy!!

So, it's been almost six months since Dollar Tree started taking coupons!! They tried it, it works for the customers and now they've decided to update their policy!! For the full policy, click here (go to the bottom of the page): Dollar Tree

The biggest changes I saw were:

They mapped out the IP (Internet Printable) policy clearly. Very good. Here are the highlights:

  • We accept up to two (2) Internet Coupons per household per day.
  • Duplicated (photocopies) Internet Coupons will not be accepted. Each Internet Coupon must have a different serial number.
Additionally, I like that they added benefits for the regular coupons. Again the highlights:

  • We accept coupons for over a dollar on a single item. The coupon value will be reduced to the purchase price of the item.
  • These guidelines apply to all coupons accepted at Dollar Tree (Manufacturer and Internet Coupons)
I wish all stores were consistent with the above before...I would have gotten many more of my FAVORITE Olay Beauty Bars!! I digress...

These changes are good and I always love clarity, BUT one thing I wish they would have addressed was the $/2 coupon. When I go to my area stores, they tell me I can't use the coupons for Gain, Uncle Ben's Rice, Hefty Slider Bags, Hormel Pepperoni, etc because they are off 2 items instead of one. Now, how that makes financial sense is beyond me because I wouldn't be getting BOTH of them free, I would have to pay something. Oh well, at least they are headed in the right direction.

Now if they can just upgrade those cash registers to scan so those poor cashiers don't have to key in EVERY coupon, I would be TOTALLY pleased!! We'll just hope. Go out and get your Dollar Tree items!! Enjoy!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - October 2012

November is Gratitude Month and I'll be participating with my good online friend Discount Diva. Check out her blog here: Discount Diva - Day 1 Grateful.

I'm a little behind getting started, but I am indeed very grateful for another life, in business, in love. I'm using my Good, Bad and Ugly post as my first three days of this gratitude celebration!! As you'll notice, my good list greatly outweighs the bad. Enjoy!!

- cooked, took my lunch and ate lots of leftovers
- taught a coupon class at the NW Ohio Natural Hair Expo
used coupons, got lots of free items and took advantage of the Betty Crocker $5 catalina offers
- earned points to save on gas at Kroger and Giant Eagle
- donated and rallied to raise money for a friend who lost everything in the hurricane
- donated items and used coupons to get items for charity organizations via my sorority
- paid off library fines and added money to EF
- received freebies and coupons in the mail
continued to save to mutual fund via auto savings draft
- paid my sorority dues
- found out my temp job time was extended!! Thank you Jesus!!
- did not use my budget sheet all month
GOALS for October
- complete bathroom project
- start putting money away for cruise, and possible Hong Kong and Italy trips
- work on some additional hustles

October was better than September emotionally, but I'm still not happy. However, I heard a Word and it was that it's not always about me. I have vowed to "give myself away" and set out to be a blessing to someone every single day. Even though I'm not where I want to be, I am blessed. Because I am, I am always in a position to bless others, so that's exactly what I'm going to do. I know God will restore my joy (after all Latisha does mean joyful) and I'm pushing to get focused and serious about what I really want. No more time or room for complaining, just moving on along.

I'm looking forward to what is next!! I am grateful and blessed!!

How was your October?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frugaliciously FREE Week!! My Kroger Money Maker!!

This is free week for me!! I'm heading out to the stores and seeing what I can get for free because FREE is the most fun (not to mention Frugalicious!!) 

So, go on a ride with me!! 

Let me share what kicked off this week!! Such a FRUGALICIOUS time at Kroger on Sunday!! Went to our Kroger that doubles up to 0.99 to use my last 0.75/2 Campbell's q's and saw they were no longer 4/$5 but 3/$5. I went to Customer Service and asked if it was a mistake and told them my concern with the attached catalina (buying 4 of them would give me $2.00 back). The store manager gave the ok to get for 4/$5 since I was only getting four (and they love me sooooooo much LOL). When I went back up there, they rang me out (oh, their catalina system was down).

This is what I got and as for my total...drum roll please....

(2 Angel Soft 4pk, 2 Airwick Air Fresheners (the other 2 were free at Dollar General), 3 Dawn Hand Renewal Soap, 4 Campbell's 100% Naturals soups, 4 Colgate, 4 Oscar Meyer Snack Deli Meats.)

THEY PAID ME $3.36!! PLUS, I got a gift card with $2.00 as a replacement to my catalina!! I got ALL the overage (not typical in all cases). You have to LOVE that kind of customer service!! 113% savings!! WOOHOO!! 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dollar General: $5/$25 Scenario for Saturday 10/13/12

Dollar General Scenario for Saturday 10/13/12

Buy 4 Gillette Simple Venus Razors - $3.50
Buy 2 Head & Shoulders (Silky Smooth) - $2.50
Buy 2 Gain Fabric Softener Sheets - $2.00
Buy 2 ALL Dryer Sheets - $1.50
Total $26.00

Use $5/25 DG Coupon First Here
Use (4) $3/1 Gillette Disposable Razor, exp 10/31/12 (RP Insert 09/16/12)
Use (2) $2/1 Head & Shoulders product, exp 10/31/12 (P&G Insert 09/30/12)
Use (2) $1/1 Gain Detergent or Fabric Softener, exp 10/31/12 (RP Insert 09/16/12)
Use (1) $3/2 Any ALL Laundry products 
Printable Coupon (Facebook offer)
Pay $0.00 (just tax)

Be aware that you may have to get a manager involved to correct your savings on the register. Unfortunately, the register doesn't just take a blanket $5 off the total, but takes a total of $5 off of each item. This will affect the coupon values, so make sure they correct it for you!! Good luck and have fun!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - September 2012

- cooked, took my lunch and ate lots of leftovers
used coupons, got lots of free items and took advantage of Kraft catalina offers
- earned points to save on gas at Shell, Kroger and Giant Eagle
- donated items and coupons to charity organizations and family/friends
- did no shopping other than coupon shopping, used recyclable bags
- paid off car maintenance card and library fines and got great discounts on car work
- received freebies and coupons in the mail
- set back up my automatic savings plan (weekly)
continued to save to mutual fund via auto savings draft
- obtained a full time job on my terms!! Thank you Jesus!!
- did not use my budget sheet as planned
- had to get new rotors, so charged it to car maintenance card
September was full of grace and favor!! I finally got tired of being the rut I was in and decided life would get better RIGHT NOW!! When I changed my tune and increased my faith, things started falling into place!! I was able to get my lawn and yard done (after being played) and now I have an AWESOME new lawn guy!! I even found cheap mulch!!

I'm looking forward to what is next!! I am grateful and blessed!!

How was your September?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Free Trial Size Right Guard at Meijer!! Plus Overage!!

While at Meijer and taking advantage of the awesome Kraft Catalina deals, I ran across this one!!

If you have either the Right Guard printables from, you get them FREE at Meijer. They are the trial sizes, but there are no size restrictions on these coupons. The best part is the trial sizes are on CLEARANCE for $0.87, so not only are they free, but you get the OVERAGE to use on your other items!! Check out the trial section at your Meijer and take along these printables!! Great donation items!!

Right Guard Total Defense 5 Anti-Perspirant or Deodorant, Trial Size - $0.87 (Clearance Price)
-$1.00/1 Right Guard Total Defense 5 Anti-Perspirant or Deodorant, exp. 09/16 (RP 08/19/12)
or use
$2.00/2 Right Guard Total Defense 5 Deodorant,Body Wash or Bar Soap products exp. 10/07 (RP 09/09/12) 
or use
-$1.00/1 Right Guard Total Defense 5 printable coupon 
or use
-$2.00/2 Right Guard Total Defense 5 printable coupon
Final Cost: FREE + $0.13 Moneymaker on each!! 

*You can print two coupons per computer (in this case, the $2/2 may only print ONE) 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Frugalicious Freebie: Free Nailene Everyday French

Looking for that professional look ladies? 
Be sure to grab your FREE

*It's a $1.50 coupon, but we're sure to find places that where this coupon will make them free!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What Happens on the Inside, Happens on the Outside!!

Yesterday in The Frugal Files, my blog at Belle Noir Magazine, I talked candidly about some issues going on in my life. To get the back story to this blog, why don't you check that one out first: See Yourself, Saving Yourself

Now that you've read my challenge to myself, let me go on to say...I just LOVE my new lawn guy!! He is the best!! He needs some business cards!! I let him shop in my donation pile because I am SOOOOOOOO grateful for him (in addition to me paying him of course)!!

Great family guy and since he was referred to me by members of my family that I highly respect, it was a perfect match!!

Here's pictures of his work. The proof is in the miracle he made of my hot mess of a yard!! This was just the front!!

BEFORE (Left Side)

AFTER (Left Side)

BEFORE (Right Side)

AFTER (Right Side)

Now, this is just Step 1. I'm on a mission to get myself and my yard together!! I heated up two bottles of my almost free vinegar and sprayed all the areas where there were weeds, because tomorrow he's putting down mulch!! YAY!! More importantly, a freecycler told me the city sells mulch for cheap. Even though I was already set to hit up Lowes tomorrow for their 4/$10 mulch sale, I think I will just drive around the corner and have them fill up a few large containers for $1.50 each!! WOOHOO!!

I'm getting it right and getting it tight!! I'll check in when the mulch is down!! Stay frugalicious!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Get Active with Curves!! Get a Free Week Workout Today!!

Hello!! I know it's been a while since I updated this blog, but I appreciate you connecting with me on Facebook and Twitter!! 
I promise to be more active here, but I hope you're checking out my weekly blog, The Frugal Files every Tuesday at 

I'm making some changes with Frugalicious Diva because as I evolve as a person, so does she!! One of the changes I'm making is getting better at having an active lifestyle. I got something that came right on time for me, and you can get in on it too!!

Curves is giving away a FREE week for us to get started on this journey!! They specialize in burning 500 calories in a 30 minute workout, with strength training and cardio for the entire body!!

If you want to go on this journey with me and give it a try, sign up today and print your coupon and get your free workout on!! 
(New guests only)

I just printed mine!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cover Blown on the CoverGirl Freebies...The Truth


If you're a couponer, then you are familiar with our beloved CoverGirl coupons. We originally were getting $1.00 off ANY one CoverGirl item, but for the last couple of months, in addition to this gem, we've also been getting $3.00 off ANY two CoverGirl items. We found out we can use them at Family Dollar to get some awesome beauty tools and so, you KNOW we were getting them faithfully!!

I have been having some "interesting" experiences with Family Dollar and their coupon procedures. This happens typically because the register beeps EVERY time we use this coupon. The beep is fine because we know the cashier can manually punch in the discount and stuff!! Every time!! It's not usually without some discussion though, as cashiers were coming up with every excuse known (and not known) to couponers, so that we wouldn't walk away with freebies. Some "discussions" are plain ridiculous because my free stuff does not come out of their checks and they certainly don't get paid enough to argue about a $1.00 coupon.

I was going to list all the excuses and blog about it, but after doing a little more research, I found out that Family Dollar found the biggest loophole to stop our usage on theses products. Just for fun, I even solicited one of my favorite couponing groups I LUV 2 COUPON, to run down a list of excuses they've received and here's a few:

Excuse: The picture doesn't match the product.
Answer: It doesn't have to match the product in the picture, just whatever is WRITTEN on the coupon. By the way, the picture changes periodically.

Excuse: You're not allowed to get items for free.
Answer: I am permitted to use my coupon as long as it doesn't exceed the amount of the product and even then...

Excuse: Your coupon is for more than the item costs.
Answer: According to your coupon policy, you are to adjust the coupon down to the price of the item. I realize I'm still responsible for the tax.

BONUS Excuse: It's illegal to get free stuff with coupons.
No need to answer that one...pure nonesense.

Anyway, today, I had the worst experience with the CoverGirl coupons EVER!! So bad, in fact, I had to send a message to Family Dollar's corporate office regarding the poor customer service. The cashier was rude and told me I couldn't use the coupon even before I put it on the counter. She told me since the product was not a P&G (Proctor & Gamble) product, they couldn't take my P&G coupon. But it was the way she said it, talked over me and continued to talk crazy as I exited the store. Unacceptable.

It still didn't sit well when I got home, so I called CoverGirl (800-426-8374) to ask about their products. I found out that some of their CoverGirl products were licensed to a company called Bassett. These products include the following CoverGirl/CoverGirl Queen accessories products:

  • Pumice Stones
  • Nail Clippers
  • Tweezers
  • Emory Boards
  • Eyelash Curlers
  • Etc

Basically...ALL of Family Dollar's CoverGirl beauty items!! Skeptical? Turn your package over, you won't see P&G there, but Bassett Brands. This is Family Dollar's loophole and perhaps for good reason, because if P&G is not going to pay them for the coupons used to buy Bassett licensed products that completely makes sense. I concluded this is probably the communication that Family Dollar's District Manager sent to his couponers, it looks like we'll be out of luck in the future trying to score these goodies. My projection: their loophole, their loss. We'll simply stop buying them. The End.

This is Frugalicious Diva reporting the Coupon News...signing off!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Frugalious Freebie: Free Samples of Miss Jessie's!!

For all my Naturalistas!! Have you always heard about Miss Jessie's products, but never got the chance to try it? Are they not  in your budget just yet? 

You can select up to 3 samples and just check out!! Shipping is FREE!! (This offer may require a credit card at checkout.)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Frugalicious Instant Win!! Kroger & Affiliates Victory Village Instant Win Game!!

If you like Kroger like I love Kroger (or any of its affiliates), then this daily Instant Game of Savings is for you!!

Go DAILY to the new P&G Victory Village Instant Win Game and rack up some savings!! Over 300,000 in prizes!! You can play once a day, EVERY DAY through June 23rd!!

My first two days, I won a total of 0.75 off my next visit to Kroger!! I used that savings to get some free Smart Balance butter and after the coupons, Kroger paid me back 0.17!! Then I won again and got 0.25 off the price of my Sunday newspaper. That little transaction got me to 100 fuel points, which means I can save 0.10 at the pump!! WOOHOO!!

I played again this morning guessed it!! I won AGAIN!! 0.25 today too!! Looks like I'll be getting more free stuff this month!! Play today and see what you win!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Time to Give!! Again...and again!!

Hey there frugalicious ones!! Remember when we had Give & Get Week? Well, that was a great way to take an inventory of what we give and receive for a week. We really should do it daily because if we stopped to think about it, it's ALWAYS a good time to give. Plus, no matter what anyone says, if you have breath in your body, you ALWAYS have something you can give, even if it's simply your smile, a hug, a compliment or a nice note.

Frugalicious Diva believes all these things and because many of you have blessed me with your presence, your words, your participation and your own tips, I want to continuously be a blessing to someone else!!

I've decided to adopt an organization or cause on a monthly basis and give to them. In May, I had my daughter drop off a nice size bag of toiletries to Monroe Street Neighborhood Center - Bridges Program.

In June, I'd been gathering personal items and getting them free (or almost free) with my couponing, I'd like to pass them on to organizations that can use them. I have been gathering wish lists of local organizations that can use the donations. So June's donations went to NAOMI Transitional House, a non-profit organization that provides shelter, support and beneficial services for women recovering from alcohol and substance abuse.

In order for all of you to join me and help out some worthy organizations, I've added the Frugalicious Diva Donation Page!! Names, websites and the their wish lists are available there!!

I FINALLY made June's Donation drop TODAY for NAOMI Transitional House!! With all the couponing for free items and free mail samples I've received, they have a nice overflowing box of goodies coming!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Frugalicious Freebies: Free Doughouts on National Doughnut Day!!

Tomorrow, June 1st, is National Doughnut Day!! 
Celebrate by getting a FREE one!!
Visit Krispy Kreme, sign up for their e-club and tell them Happy 75th Birthday!! Then get yourself a FREE Doughnut!!

You can get a FREE Donut at Dunkin' Donuts too!! When you purchase a Dunkin' Beverage, get one!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Frugalicious Things - Week at a Glance

Hey folks!! Just wanted to drop a quick blog about some of the frugalicious things I have been doing. It's been a busy couple of weeks, but I still managed to be frugal!! Here's a list of things. I know I probably forgot a  few, but I'm still proud of my list!!

  • Dropped off clothes in the donation bins
  • Gave away items on Freecycle
  • Combined all errands and limited driving as much as possible
  • Potlucked, especially for the holiday
  • Cooked and ate leftovers
  • Gave away lots of coupons
  • Skipped excess shopping and wore or used things we had
  • Used recyclable bags when I did shop
  • Recycled the plastic grocery bags at Kroger (they all take them)
  • Substituted ingredients and used what we had in the cupboard/frig
  • Changed the furnace filters
  • Got gas for the lowest in the city (checked Gas Buddy before filling up)
  • Skipped the bottled water and drank tap
  • Donated a huge bag of shredded paper to a cat shelter
  • Donated toiletries (I got for FREE) to a local Family Resource Center
  • Had a few $0 spending days
  • Visited our new casino and did not gamble
  • Won free tickets to a concert/festival

How about you? What frugalicious things have you done in the last week? Share on this blog, on Facebook or Twitter!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Frugalicious Giveaway: WIN Sunday Coupon Inserts for ONE YEAR!!

I LOVE freebies and I LOVE to win, don't you?!! 
Well, here's a great drawing for all those couponers or wanna-be couponers out there!!

Sign up for this AWESOME giveaway from 
Sunday Coupon Preview!!
Get over there now, for your chance to win a 
Coupons are just like money, so get over there and enter that contest!! It's so easy!!