Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Declutter Game Catch Up: Days 23-24, 26-28: Freecycle Time!!

This is a Declutter Game Catch Up!!

Since, life gets in the way, I had to do a catch up day (hey, that rhymed!! LOL). So...I utilized my frugalicious bestie, FREECYCLE, to get rid of items for Days 23, 24, 26, 27 and 28. Yup, that's a total of 128 and I was able to do just that (actually more). Here's my breakdown:

Bag of school and office supplies: 50 items
(notebooks, envelopes, pens, markers, post its, etc.)

Bag of food: 42 items
(cereal, oatmeal, sauces, Koolaid, etc)

Bag of toiletries: 14 items
(hair products, make up, personal items, etc.)

Bag of misc: 22+ items
(watches, remote, mismatched socks, phone case, basket, etc.)

I even counted the bags that held the items, because as you can see they were were workable bags. I felt so good getting rid of those extra items. When you know no longer want, need or love items, they have to go!! Freecycle is a great way of decluttering because one man's (or diva's) junk is another one's treasure. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Declutter Game - Day #25: Drug Take Back Day!!

We're on Day #25 and this declutter effort fell into my lap because it was something I was supposed to do a lonnnnnnng time ago!!

Today is the annual Drug Take Back Day and if you or someone you know has old or unused medications of which to dispose, today would be a great day to do it!! In my area, Kroger also participated in this effort. They partnered with law enforcement to collect expired, unused or unwanted prescription drugs for proper and safe disposal.

My declutter items included my daughter's old pain meds. Back in 2008, she had surgery for a torn ACL. She was in high school then and even though she was in pain, she was a trooper. We're a drug free house and never liked taking anything, so the 2-3 that she did take, we cut in half. Now, 7 seven later, she's moved out and I still have this bottle with almost 60 pills in it (so WAY more than 25).


Here's my local PSA: If you're in the NW Ohio area (specifically Lucas County), you can view the regular 12 drug drop off locations we have throughout the area.

Don't let your prescription drugs get into the wrong hands!! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Frugalicious Deal: $10 off $10 at Silkies

I received the best email this morning!! Silkies is offering an amazing deal!! Use coupon/promo code: POINTS to get $10 off a purchase of $10 or more!! This is the perfect code to get some really frugalicious deals!!

I found and purchased the Sculptz Under Bra Shaping Slip for $1.99 after the discount!! Every curvy girl needs her foundation!! I did have to pay the $4.99 shipping, but if you spend $40 or more, your shipping is FREE!!

Check out the site and see what you can get for less!!

Declutter Game - Day #22: Coupon Class Freebies

Last week, we were talking about coupons...AGAIN!!

Every since Tasha & I started teaching at the libraries, classes have been getting bigger and more popular. We always get regrets from people who say they can't make it, or afterward that they are sorry they missed it. However, the people who make it to class always mention that they learned a great deal. My suggestion... make it a priority next time!! LOL!! You're missing out on big savings!!

I'm always so excited to share the information that Tasha and I have learned (and continue to learn) and this time was no different.

We've taught at this library branch twice before and they always prove to have the biggest turnout. It's centrally located and one of the most popular branches in the city. We are fortunate they like the program and keep bringing us back!! Plus, they are so generous too. We had coffee and cookies!!

Class is set up with rows of chairs with a table for us in front. We also have two tables on the sides. One of the giveaways that both we and the library provided. We give away previous coupon inserts with lots of coupons in them. Additionally, we had a red basket of goodies. These are mostly travel/trial size items that we had in our stockpiles that would be small, but helpful gifts for those who attend the class.

In addition to what we give, the library, who funds this program through a grant, gave away two raffle prizes. Upon entering each attendee filled out a small slip of paper with their name, in hopes their name will be called to win one of the prizes (must be present to win)!! The library gave a new Card Guard and the Extreme Couponing book by Joni Meyer-Crothers, of Free Tastes Good.

$1 or Less Show & Tell Table
On the other side, we have our Coupon Show & Tell table. We started doing that specifically for those who might be skeptical about couponing because we make the promise: "once you start couponing, you'll find that the generic brand costs too much!!" This table is also a great conversation starter. EVERYTHING on it was either FREE for cost less than $1.00.

Having this class on the 22nd, was a great excuse to get rid of 22 items (actually it was way more with the other giveaways, but specifically there were 22 items in our Freebies Bin. Glad to get rid of the items and that they could go to someone who would use them. I had to pull back on getting a bunch of freebies, because they would be in a drawer or box somewhere and never get used.
What a great class we had too!! They were energetic, very involved and most importantly, gave us great reviews!! If you want to learn how to coupon responsibly and save big, be sure to make sure you're at the next one. There will be a next one!! :)
Latisha (FD) & Tasha

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Declutter Game - Day #21: Plastic Bag Heaven

Day #21 of the challenge!! Nothing really special, BUT they're gone!!

Anyone else have a nest of plastic bags? Honestly, I don't know how I accumulate so many of them. I REALLY need to implement using more of my recyclable bags at the store!!

So...here's my nest of them. There are bags, in bags, in bags in this pic, but there's 21 bags there.

Oh and by they way, I live in Ohio...I don't know how in the world I ever got my hands on a Frank's Piggly Wiggly bag!! I've NEVER been there and the closest one, I believe is in Wisconsin. SMH!!

Oh well, I'll do better, but in the meantime, I dropped these right into the Plastic Bag Heaven (recycle bin) at Kroger!! 21 bags, buh bye!!

Meijer Mperks Savings - $2 off of $10 Coupon Codes

Hello all!!
Well, well, well. If you've been sleeping on Meijer, I suggest you GET UP!! They are really throwing some awesome sales at us right now!! Not only do they have ongoing personalized perks, they also have a current $8/8 sale. NOW, they've added an additional AWESOME PERK!!

They have released the 4 weeks of savings, where for four weeks they are offering a $2 off of $10 or more in certain departments!! In case you can't see the photo clearly, here's the deal:

Week 1: (4/19-4/25) - Skin Care (Enter Code: SKIN15)

Week 2: (4/26-5/2) - Cosmetics (Enter Code: COSMETICS15)

Week 3: (5/3-5/9) - Hair Care (Enter Code: HAIR15)

Week 4: (5/10-5/16) - Beauty Care (Enter Code: BEAUTY15)

Just log into your Meijer's mperks account, enter the code and clip the digital coupon. 

So get those Meijer scenarios ready and use those coupone codes to get great discounts (and maybe even freebies) at Meijer!! 

(Thanks for the heads up, Amy!!)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Declutter Game Challenge - Day #20: Sorority, Service, Seniors!

Hey, hey frugalicious ones!!

Back to report on my Declutter Game Challenge - Day #20!! I already knew what day #20 would be when I first started this challenge. Every April, my sorority has a Regional Conference and the region collectively donates to a worth cause in the community where the convention in held. Each chapter is awarded Community Service points for participating in the effort and this year is no exception.

This year's conference is in the Chicago area (I LOVE Chicago). We need at least 20 items to get credit for our chapter, so I donated 20 items to this community service project from my couponing stockpile. This will be my chapter's contribution to the cause and my way of showing sisterhood, since I am unable to attend this year.

The worthy recipients of these items, as well as other items from chapters in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, & Wisconsin are the following:

  • Pillar Social Service Organization (For Women)
  • Featherfist Transitional Living (For Men)
  • Vivian Carter Senior Housing Facility (For Seniors)
My chapter's contributions will be going to the Senior Housing Facility, in line with our commitment to Senior Care this year.

I'm honored to be able to be a blessing to others, especially though my couponing efforts. Let this be a reminder, no matter what you have, be it a little or a lot, you always have enough to give to someone else. I'm giving to declutter, but I know I'll be blessed one hundred fold. Go out and be a blessing today!! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Declutter Game Challenge - Day #19: Recycling Parents

It's Day #19!! I was on set once again for the last show of a local production of which I was crew. So, I still played Earth Mother and collected the bottles and cans from the actors, but on our way out a colleague pointed out a RECYCLE can right in the building...now how did I miss that thing ALL weekend? SMH!!

Anyway, I visited my parents after the show (since it was an early one) and they had their recyclables waiting for me to take. Here's the deal. When our city first introduced the new trash (black) and recycle (blue) receptacles, they were so excited to recycle. They diligently sorted the items and took pride in the fact that they were doing it (even though I was trying to get them to do it for YEARS before the city got new bins...but I digress).

Now, for my parents...the thrill is GONE!! They stopped sorted and started to just throw everything in the trash. They are older, so they get a pass, but I would still find myself digging through their trash bin and sorting it for them. I would take home their stuff and put it in my own. So, we made a deal. If they were to go back to sorting, I'd always pick it up from them and put it in my recycling. After all, they want to "help the environment", but weren't fanatics (like me). So, when they the fill bags, they leave "my recycling", as they call it, in the garage.

Here's two bags I picked up from them on Day #19. There were more than 19 items (yes, I counted while dropping them in my blue bin), but I still needed to make up 9 items from Saturday, so I'm right on track. My parents' recycling, my recycling...it's all out of our houses and our lives!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy Earth Day!! Declutter Game Challenge - Days 12-18

Happy Earth Day!!

Well, it's Earth Day in my neck of the woods and to "celebrate" our local zoo sets up a recycling center for people to get rid of old stuff they need to declutter. They work with local companies and agencies like Goodwill, Lott Industries and the like, to collect and sort items that the community brings in. I waited in the car lane for 30 minutes to get into the zoo, but it was worth it to rid my life of all this junk cluttering up my house!!

This event comes at a perfect time for me because I'm soooooo behind on my Declutter Game Challenge. So, I used this opportunity to catch up on 105 items which is basically all of this past week. I grabbed a few boxes and went through the house and started filling them up. I posted a video on my facebook page to show you just how packed my car was. See it here: Earth Day at the Zoo

I felt so light after this haul got out of my house!! Of the 105 items, I was able to get out 96 of them. I'll make up the rest with a freecycle list of items, but TODAY, I decluttered the following: boxes, phone books, paper, CDs, magazines, books, encyclopedias (I'll show this on Day #16), laptop battery, purses, clothes, shoes, keyboard, coats, cell phone and accessories, a broken chair and desk drawer and a printer. Whew!!

Take a look!! What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? Will you be able to reduce, recycle or reuse?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Decluter Game Challenge - Day #16

Okay, I got rid of these items at the Zoo Recycle Day, but I still wanted to separate it out from the others, since there was 16 of these. Do you remember encyclopedias? Yeah, before Google, we actually looked up information and researched in books!!

I have always been a nerd and my parents gladly obliged when I asked for books. Speaking of my parents, I found this partial volume of encyclopedias in my parents' garage. They did a decluttering of their garage a couple of months ago and my Dad let me know that I still had books and miscellaneous items in there. Imagine my surprise to see my childhood books in there. Wow!!

So, I gathered them all up and threw them in the backseat of my car. I had the intention of taking them to Goodwill, but I hemmed and hawed, wondering it maybe the library might want them or could I give them to my nieces or some other child. They were dusty, but nothing I couldn't get off. Plus, they were in great condition!! 

Intentions are great, but in truth life got in the way, so now weeks later, I STILL had them in my car. Earth Day at the Zoo was the PERFECT way and reason to get them out of there. The best thing about it is Goodwill is who unloaded my car at the recycling event, so it got to the original destination anyway. Win-win!! Love when things work out!!

Monday, April 13, 2015


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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Declutter Game Challenge - Day #11

Hey there!!

Just checking in on my decluttering challenge!! This was a quick and easy one. I keep a bin in my kitchen cabinet that holds my house recycling. Once it's full, I take it outside to the recycling receptacle. This one included old items in addition to empty ones. That can opener no longer works and that container was horribly stained and bubbled from over use. When you can no longer use it or you no longer love it, it's got to go!!

Before I took this one out to recycle heaven, I snapped a pic for this challenge!!

Just a few items...11, perfect for Day #11 of the challenge, so here it is!! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Declutter Game Challenge - Day #10

Hey everybody!!

This is my favorite decluttering 
challenge day so far!! I briefly mentioned before that a few times a year my sorority does a service project reading to children at the library. We always provide cookies, milk and we donate books to them. We've completed our events with the kids, but we had leftover books and I got stuck with them. I asked the librarians if they could use them and they were so happy to receive them to give out to more kids!!

So for Declutter Game - Day #10, I donated 10 books to our favorite librarians at our favorite branch!! This went well with this month too. Not only is it Earth Month, but April also houses National Library Week!! It's a win-win for us all!!

Big shout out to Ms Judy and Rebecca at the Mott Branch Library!! Thank you ladies for being who you are to the children and the community!! We appreciate you!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Declutter Game Challenge - Days #7 & #9

Hey!! Catch up time!!

I combined my Declutter Game Challenge Days for #7 and #9. They were really easy ones, but they were done after the fact and out of order, so I'm just reporting them.

For me decluttering is not just about physical stuff, but virtual stuff too. I checked most of my emails via my smart phone (we're so dependent on our handheld technology now), so I rarely see the emails piling up in my Junk Mail. So, for Day #7, I decided to empty them for my seven email addresses. It wasn't super quick though because I do glance through them to make sure a legit email didn't get in there by accident (technology isn't perfect). I emptied those folders and was satisfied.
Then Day #9 kind of fell in my lap. I have been part of the crew for a local theater production and while cleaning up backstage, I found so many empty or half empty bottles of water. Of course some of them "fell" into the trash can. Being the Earth Lover that I am, I made sure everyone knew I was collecting the bottles to be recycled (instead of going to the never never land landfill). I gathered as many as I could find and put them in my receptacle at home.

Glad to get rid of my junk and others' junk too!! Enjoy your day!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Declutter Game Challenge - Day #8

Hey!! Checking in!! This declutter day was so much fun!!

I hate wasting anything, especially food. So, I had several (8 to be exact) OVERLY ripe, not quite or completely rotten (don't judge me) apples in my fridge. I love apples, but I don't always eat them during lunch time. They are usually my snack, but if I get busy at work and don't eat it, it comes back home and back to the refrigerator. I only like them when they are hard, so by now, they've softened, but I don't want to waste them...

I remember my bestie making the best fried apples ever a few years ago before she moved away. I decided to take a page from her book. I cored them with my handy dandy kitchen gadget, threw them in a pan with some butter, added sugar and cinnamon and IT WAS ON!! They were delicious!! I had them for a nice dessert all week long, along with some Vanilla Bean ice cream. Yum!!

So, I decluttered my fridge without wasting the food!! SCORE!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Frugalicious Diva Teaming Up with Curvy Connect Magazine!!

Hey everybody!! Big news!! 
I am now a Contributing Writer for Curvy Connect Magazinean online publication and website whose mission is to create an international network of professionals and businesses that support the curvy community and movement. Guess what? I will have a featured piece in the upcoming May issue!! 
Want to be part of the fun? Do you have any "Mommy Knows Best" advice to share? Submit yours to the email in the photo for your chance to have it featured in Curvy Connect Magazine!! (Like their page too, for updates)!!
Share the BEST motherly advice that you've been given at submissions@curvyconnectmag.com.
Your mom's words of wisdom may appear in the magazine or on this website!
You have until April 20 to tell us!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Declutter Game Challenge - Day #6

Hey frugalicious ones!!

Just a quick update!! I've had to do some skipping around for the Declutter Game Challenge, but I promise to get them all done before April lets out!! This is a catch up, but I'll still be posting them "in order", as much as possible.

This was a great one for my desk...my schedule and work load keeps me busy, so sometimes things pile up. So...don't judge me, but I finally decluttered my Desk Dishes at work.
Some were clean and some not...but I washed them all and returned them to their rightful places (in the work kitchen cupboards). Six less items on my desk and one less mess. Another declutteriing challenge DONE!!

How's your Declutter Game going?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!! Still decluttering!! Declutter Game Day 4 & 5

Yesterday was the first free Saturday I've had to myself for MONTHS!! For me that meant, it was a FREECYCLE day!! I tried to take full advantage of this free day to do some Spring Cleaning. OUT WITH THE OLD!!

I was on Day #4 of the Declutter Game, so I was going to do four categories of items to freecycle since I was getting rid of way more than 4 items. Come to find out my group changed its name and by the time I found out, it was too late to post and I didn't feel like leaving the house (I meet up with freecyclers at a public location).

So...I settled on four bags of shredded paper recycling, that I threw right in my own recycling receptacle (don't be fooled though, I still threw out and recycled way more stuff)!! The bonus was I reused paper bags I already had to recycle this clutter!!

Day #5...Happy Easter!! I didn't forget and this decluttering day was a good one!! My sorority reads
books to the kids at a neighborhood library. In addition to reading them books, we serve cookies, milk and we bring them books to take home. I had leftovers, so these were the perfect gift for my own family kiddies at Easter time. They got these after the super fun Easter egg hunt today!!

So happy to give them away and I hope they enjoy reading them. I actually ended up giving away 8 books, but took a pic of five for the sake of day 5!!

I'm getting my declutter on, even on the holiday!! Hope you had a great day too!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

April Declutter Game Challenge - Day 1-3

It’s April!! Time to make way for the sunshine, the flowers and new season!! For me, that means it’s time to DECLUTTER. I love the beginning of the month because I love the feeling of a fresh start; being able to start over regardless of how your yesterday ended.

I've decided to participate in the Declutter Game, which is my 30 day decluttering challenge to get rid of items in my house, my work, my space, and my life that I no longer need, want or love. IT’S GOT TO GO!! I always feel like this when I can sense something big coming my way. In truth, I've been getting good news ALL WEEK, so it’s confirmation for me to remove the old to make way for the new.

I saw a similar challenge online and it inspired me to act like a minimalist for these next 30 days. The idea is to let one thing (or series of things) go for every day of the month it is. So on the first day I got rid of one item, on the tenth day I will get rid of 10 items and on the 23rd of the month…right I’m disposing of 23 items.

I don’t really care how I get rid of them, just as long as they leave my life. Follow my journey because I know I’ll be giving away, dumping, sending off and possibly even selling stuff. I hope you’ll be encouraged to join me and de-crapify your corner of the world too.

Though I’m late sharing this blog post, I can honestly say I haven’t been procrastinating (another challenge on which I’m working). 

I started on Day #1. This is how I recycle my paper items. These include printer paper, notebook paper, old coupons, inserts, envelopes and junk mail. I always remove (and shred) any personal information. There's an outside paper recycling center in my neck of the woods and I just simply dump it there.

I completed Day #2 as well. The whole day went by and I couldn't think of what to declutter. At the close of the day (after Scandal), I noticed that two of my light bulbs, in my six bulb chandelier, were burnt out. Interesting that there were two...perfect for day two. Obviously these were trashed.

And at work, I've already finished Day #3. I reached out to my co-workers for ideas and they blurted out I should clean out my drawer. Whew!! I really needed to do that and organize, so I was happy to take their advice. I got rid of three piles of old plastic utensils, old food I knew I wouldn't eat and old office supplies (some of which I inherited from a co-worker. Never again)!!

One big swoop sent them to the can. **dusting off my hands**

That's that!! I'll keep pulling, purging and posting and I hope you'll join me!! Until next time, stay frugalicious...muah!!