Thursday, April 9, 2015

Declutter Game Challenge - Days #7 & #9

Hey!! Catch up time!!

I combined my Declutter Game Challenge Days for #7 and #9. They were really easy ones, but they were done after the fact and out of order, so I'm just reporting them.

For me decluttering is not just about physical stuff, but virtual stuff too. I checked most of my emails via my smart phone (we're so dependent on our handheld technology now), so I rarely see the emails piling up in my Junk Mail. So, for Day #7, I decided to empty them for my seven email addresses. It wasn't super quick though because I do glance through them to make sure a legit email didn't get in there by accident (technology isn't perfect). I emptied those folders and was satisfied.
Then Day #9 kind of fell in my lap. I have been part of the crew for a local theater production and while cleaning up backstage, I found so many empty or half empty bottles of water. Of course some of them "fell" into the trash can. Being the Earth Lover that I am, I made sure everyone knew I was collecting the bottles to be recycled (instead of going to the never never land landfill). I gathered as many as I could find and put them in my receptacle at home.

Glad to get rid of my junk and others' junk too!! Enjoy your day!!

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