Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Declutter Game Challenge - Day #8

Hey!! Checking in!! This declutter day was so much fun!!

I hate wasting anything, especially food. So, I had several (8 to be exact) OVERLY ripe, not quite or completely rotten (don't judge me) apples in my fridge. I love apples, but I don't always eat them during lunch time. They are usually my snack, but if I get busy at work and don't eat it, it comes back home and back to the refrigerator. I only like them when they are hard, so by now, they've softened, but I don't want to waste them...

I remember my bestie making the best fried apples ever a few years ago before she moved away. I decided to take a page from her book. I cored them with my handy dandy kitchen gadget, threw them in a pan with some butter, added sugar and cinnamon and IT WAS ON!! They were delicious!! I had them for a nice dessert all week long, along with some Vanilla Bean ice cream. Yum!!

So, I decluttered my fridge without wasting the food!! SCORE!!

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