Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy Earth Day!! Declutter Game Challenge - Days 12-18

Happy Earth Day!!

Well, it's Earth Day in my neck of the woods and to "celebrate" our local zoo sets up a recycling center for people to get rid of old stuff they need to declutter. They work with local companies and agencies like Goodwill, Lott Industries and the like, to collect and sort items that the community brings in. I waited in the car lane for 30 minutes to get into the zoo, but it was worth it to rid my life of all this junk cluttering up my house!!

This event comes at a perfect time for me because I'm soooooo behind on my Declutter Game Challenge. So, I used this opportunity to catch up on 105 items which is basically all of this past week. I grabbed a few boxes and went through the house and started filling them up. I posted a video on my facebook page to show you just how packed my car was. See it here: Earth Day at the Zoo

I felt so light after this haul got out of my house!! Of the 105 items, I was able to get out 96 of them. I'll make up the rest with a freecycle list of items, but TODAY, I decluttered the following: boxes, phone books, paper, CDs, magazines, books, encyclopedias (I'll show this on Day #16), laptop battery, purses, clothes, shoes, keyboard, coats, cell phone and accessories, a broken chair and desk drawer and a printer. Whew!!

Take a look!! What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? Will you be able to reduce, recycle or reuse?

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