Friday, April 3, 2015

April Declutter Game Challenge - Day 1-3

It’s April!! Time to make way for the sunshine, the flowers and new season!! For me, that means it’s time to DECLUTTER. I love the beginning of the month because I love the feeling of a fresh start; being able to start over regardless of how your yesterday ended.

I've decided to participate in the Declutter Game, which is my 30 day decluttering challenge to get rid of items in my house, my work, my space, and my life that I no longer need, want or love. IT’S GOT TO GO!! I always feel like this when I can sense something big coming my way. In truth, I've been getting good news ALL WEEK, so it’s confirmation for me to remove the old to make way for the new.

I saw a similar challenge online and it inspired me to act like a minimalist for these next 30 days. The idea is to let one thing (or series of things) go for every day of the month it is. So on the first day I got rid of one item, on the tenth day I will get rid of 10 items and on the 23rd of the month…right I’m disposing of 23 items.

I don’t really care how I get rid of them, just as long as they leave my life. Follow my journey because I know I’ll be giving away, dumping, sending off and possibly even selling stuff. I hope you’ll be encouraged to join me and de-crapify your corner of the world too.

Though I’m late sharing this blog post, I can honestly say I haven’t been procrastinating (another challenge on which I’m working). 

I started on Day #1. This is how I recycle my paper items. These include printer paper, notebook paper, old coupons, inserts, envelopes and junk mail. I always remove (and shred) any personal information. There's an outside paper recycling center in my neck of the woods and I just simply dump it there.

I completed Day #2 as well. The whole day went by and I couldn't think of what to declutter. At the close of the day (after Scandal), I noticed that two of my light bulbs, in my six bulb chandelier, were burnt out. Interesting that there were two...perfect for day two. Obviously these were trashed.

And at work, I've already finished Day #3. I reached out to my co-workers for ideas and they blurted out I should clean out my drawer. Whew!! I really needed to do that and organize, so I was happy to take their advice. I got rid of three piles of old plastic utensils, old food I knew I wouldn't eat and old office supplies (some of which I inherited from a co-worker. Never again)!!

One big swoop sent them to the can. **dusting off my hands**

That's that!! I'll keep pulling, purging and posting and I hope you'll join me!! Until next time, stay frugalicious...muah!!

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