Sunday, December 25, 2011

This Season's Frugalicious Things!!

Hey Frugalicious folks!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! It has indeed been a great holiday season, especially since I learned NOT to stress over Christmas!! I give all year long and try to show my friends and family I love them consistently, not just during the holiday. I prefer my relationships be based on love, not material things. However, it is fun to see people smile after receiving something they really wanted!! So, I'm not opposed to Christmas; I love the family aspect and always want to share the true meaning of the season; gratitude!!

I wanted to share some of the frugal things I did this year!! It's so exciting to save money!!
  • Only purchased gifts for immediate family and my yearly gift exchange Secret Pal
  • Used coupons or in-store discounts to purchase ALL gifts
  • Combined funds with other family members to keep costs low on group gifts
  • Gave out Christmas cards we purchased (on discount) last year
  • Did not purchase any tape for wrapping gifts - over the years we've collected a quite a few dispensers
  • Cooked one large item for the larger family (about 50 people) - EVERY year we potluck
  • Baked cookies for Christmas parties, in an effort to use the abundance of peanut butter we have
  • Used leftover wrapping paper from last year and used the rolls with less paper first, as not to waste
  • Reused boxes and tissue paper
  • Made own bows and name tags for gifts using the leftover scraps of wrapping paper. See my tutorial here: Wrapping Paper Bows

What did you do that was frugal this year? Email me at and we'll tweet your frugalicious-ness to the world!!

P.S. Have a cookie with me!! They're homemade!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Frugal Tip: Wrapping Paper Bows!!

Just sharing a quick and FRUGALICIOUS Christmas tip!!

Did you run out of bows or name tags? Maybe you just forgot to pick some up? I have the answer for you!!

Make your own using the scraps of wrapping paper you have left!! For cute and frugal bows:

Step 1: Grab or cut out a nice size scrap of wrapping paper.

Step 2: Fold it in half.

Step 3: Cut slits into the folded end. Be careful not to cut all the way to the bottom.

Step 4: Pull and fold the bottom into itself and tape it to your gift.

Voila!! There you go!!

If you want it bigger, make another one and tape it opposite of your first bow!!

Here's more, just for show!! Enjoy!!

Time to Write Your Abundance Check!!

Season's Greetings!!

Just dropping in to say...Time to write our Abundance Check!! This is your reminder!! Here's a great affirmation I found on another blogger's site. I keep it in my wallet. Say it after writing your check:

"I am open and receptive to new avenues of income. I now receive my good from expected and unexpected sources. I am an unlimited being, accepting from an unlimited source, in an unlimited way. I am blessed beyond my fondest dreams!!"

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

I'll Shop...on One Condition!!

I just decided I was going to participate in the shopping game for Christmas. Believe me, just because I am in doesn't mean I"m spending like crazy. In fact, it was pretty uncanny how my shopping day went. Yes, shopping DAY; singular not plural. I only designated one day to get a few gifts, just for close family.

So, I started off at Kmart. Went in to get ONE thing, so I didn't expect to stay long. I don't browse; I just go straight to the department I want, then I depart. Today, there was no one in the area, so I had to request a sales rep from customer service. I picked out my item and was happy to see a sign sitting on top of the merchandise that said 60% off!! FRUGALICIOUS!!

The saleswoman rings me up and the price is higher than I'd calculated. When I inquired, she says, "oh no, this merchandise is only 25% off." You know I didn't accept that, so when she asked if I wanted a manager, I replied, "Please." Well, the sign was in the wrong spot, but the manager was very friendly, even apologetic, as she honored the additional 35% off.

Lesson: Stand your ground when you're seeking a discount. Their mistake is our savings!!
Next, off to a Men's store. I walk in, tell them what I want and the sales gentleman take me to something in budget. He says, "if it's not on sale, we'll give you 10% off." Works for me and I handed him my card.

I set off to go to a couple of more stores, but there were no discounts or coupons or anything. Funny thing, there was also no interest in any of the merchandise. I literally couldn't find anything to stand out. I guess that means, I'm done!!

Hey, it's holiday time and stores want you to buy!! The lesson for me today is I don't mind shopping for something I want (or need of course), as long as I can get a discount!!

Happy Holidays!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Frugal Friday Tip!!

Hello all!!

Welcome to the weekend!! What are you doing that's frugal today? As for me, I made and ate breakfast and lunch at home. I've spent no money today and I'm attending a potluck party this evening.

Speaking of this party, I'm making brownies. Why? Because I already have them at home. No need to purchase anything when I can just share what I have. They are done now and are cooling. Now for my tip today...

My FAVORITE kitchen appliance is my Magic Bullet. My parents gave it to me for an early housewarming gift a couple of years ago. I just started using it late last year, but now I use it as much as I can!! I made the brownies right and I wanted to add a little extra. Instead of buying powdered sugar, I made my own. Add a couple of tablespoons of regular sugar and pop in the Magic Bullet for a few seconds. Voila, powdered sugar!!

Here's a photo!! Have a frugalicious weekend!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cupboard Cooking Thursdays!!

These last few days, I've felt like a cooking fool!! I have used my stove so many times, you would have thought Thanksgiving was this week too!! Speaking of Turkey day, we still had some leftovers. This is what brought me to today's blog.

I don't usually buy Russet potatoes, but got a 10lb bag for the holiday, to make homemade garlic mashed pots. I still have plenty left, so I boiled a few, peeled and diced them and set them aside to make more, per my daughter's request. I also have enough to fry them like hashbrowns in the morning. Now...on to address the rest of the turkey and dressing...

There was enough to make turkey and grilled cheese in the morning...I guess that's considered a turkey/cheese melt. Then, since my lil diva wasn't feeling well, I made turkey rice soup. It was a little spicy from the diced tomatoes, but a lot good. Here's the recipe I found: Turkey Rice Soup

One of my online friends shared a leftover dressing recipe that I tried yesterday: Dressing Egg Rolls. I took a nice size scoop of dressing, turkey pieces and dried cranberries and put it on the egg roll wrapper. I wrapped them, sealed them with a mix of flour and water, then fried them lightly in EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). For an example of how to roll them, I found this YouTube video: How to make Egg Rolls

So, after being in the kitchen yesterday, I had a great idea!! I don Thursdays to be Cupboard Cooking Thursdays. This is the day we cook, using only what we have in our cupboards, pantries or frig/freezers. Thursday is the day before most people get paid, so we don't usually tend to go out to dinner. It's still a school and work night, so it's perfect on your time and budget. 

Creative cooking is becoming a passion and I love trying new recipes using what I already have. With this method, no food is wasted, it doesn't spoil and it saves money!! That's what I call FRUGALICIOUS!! What are you making tonight?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Angel Food Ministries is Back!! Well, Sort of...

Back in September, Frugalicious Diva, like many others across the country was devastated to hear that Angel Food Ministries was closed down. It was a blow to many budgets, but I count myself blessed because at least I hadn't ordered my food package for that month. I heard there are still people out there fighting to get their money back. It's a great blow because they didn't get the food and they are out of their grocery money.

Edited to say...according to an anonymous visitor to this blog, all customers have been paid make the call, especially since the Angel Food Ministries website is no longer up to confirm this... 

I'm still part of the AFM Facebook group and went to visit there today just to see if there was new news. Still no more AFM, but I did run across a post with a list of alternative budget helpers. The following is a list of alternative to Angel Food Ministries; they are other food distribution organizations in place to give good quality food with prices more families can afford. I have also listed their websites.

One Harvest Food Ministries

Mid America Foods

Truth Family Foods

Prairie Land Foods

SmartChoice Foods


So, Angel Food Ministries is back!! No Angel, but definitely a God send. My only regret...the distribution in my area was yesterday...I'll be sure to order for December!! Hope you do too!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Check Into Some Great Deals!!

Hey all!!

I keep seeing great deals all around!! It's definitely Black Friday time!!

Check out all the great deals posted to my Facebook page here: Frugalicious Diva

Also, get yourself a Black Friday plan by checking out my weekly blog at Belle Noir. Check it out here: Belle Noir Mag 

Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Introducing...Frugalicious Diva!!

Hello world!!

I've been contemplating this blog for SEVERAL months…probably even a year. I've been so excited and scared to bring Frugalicious Diva to life…even though, she’s been around a while now. I was looking for her to make some grand entrance into this cyber world, but she’s been offering her advice and experience for over a year. So what’s the problem?

She’s Frugal!! She’s a Diva!! She’s learned how to live on less, attract abundance and enjoy life to the fullest!! She’s FRUGALICIOUS!! Most of all, she’s willing to share what she’s learned and is learning with anyone that is willing to read and listen.

TA DA!! There’s her grandiose introduction!!

Now, I also worried about how she would look. She is someone you can relate to and I wanted that to show. She’s sassy and cute, with a big smile and even bigger hair!! She’s fashionable and chic and her entire outfit was put together for less than $50!! Ha!

Guess what? She’s me!! So world, let me introduce you officially to Frugalicious Diva!!

Keep up with her and what she's doing:

Twitter: @FrugaliciousDva

Facebook. Frugalicious Diva

I look forward to sharing with you!! Thanks for stopping by!!