Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cupboard Cooking Thursdays!!

These last few days, I've felt like a cooking fool!! I have used my stove so many times, you would have thought Thanksgiving was this week too!! Speaking of Turkey day, we still had some leftovers. This is what brought me to today's blog.

I don't usually buy Russet potatoes, but got a 10lb bag for the holiday, to make homemade garlic mashed pots. I still have plenty left, so I boiled a few, peeled and diced them and set them aside to make more, per my daughter's request. I also have enough to fry them like hashbrowns in the morning. Now...on to address the rest of the turkey and dressing...

There was enough to make turkey and grilled cheese in the morning...I guess that's considered a turkey/cheese melt. Then, since my lil diva wasn't feeling well, I made turkey rice soup. It was a little spicy from the diced tomatoes, but a lot good. Here's the recipe I found: Turkey Rice Soup

One of my online friends shared a leftover dressing recipe that I tried yesterday: Dressing Egg Rolls. I took a nice size scoop of dressing, turkey pieces and dried cranberries and put it on the egg roll wrapper. I wrapped them, sealed them with a mix of flour and water, then fried them lightly in EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). For an example of how to roll them, I found this YouTube video: How to make Egg Rolls

So, after being in the kitchen yesterday, I had a great idea!! I don Thursdays to be Cupboard Cooking Thursdays. This is the day we cook, using only what we have in our cupboards, pantries or frig/freezers. Thursday is the day before most people get paid, so we don't usually tend to go out to dinner. It's still a school and work night, so it's perfect on your time and budget. 

Creative cooking is becoming a passion and I love trying new recipes using what I already have. With this method, no food is wasted, it doesn't spoil and it saves money!! That's what I call FRUGALICIOUS!! What are you making tonight?

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