Sunday, November 20, 2011

Angel Food Ministries is Back!! Well, Sort of...

Back in September, Frugalicious Diva, like many others across the country was devastated to hear that Angel Food Ministries was closed down. It was a blow to many budgets, but I count myself blessed because at least I hadn't ordered my food package for that month. I heard there are still people out there fighting to get their money back. It's a great blow because they didn't get the food and they are out of their grocery money.

Edited to say...according to an anonymous visitor to this blog, all customers have been paid make the call, especially since the Angel Food Ministries website is no longer up to confirm this... 

I'm still part of the AFM Facebook group and went to visit there today just to see if there was new news. Still no more AFM, but I did run across a post with a list of alternative budget helpers. The following is a list of alternative to Angel Food Ministries; they are other food distribution organizations in place to give good quality food with prices more families can afford. I have also listed their websites.

One Harvest Food Ministries

Mid America Foods

Truth Family Foods

Prairie Land Foods

SmartChoice Foods


So, Angel Food Ministries is back!! No Angel, but definitely a God send. My only regret...the distribution in my area was yesterday...I'll be sure to order for December!! Hope you do too!!


  1. All customers have received their refunds. There was a hold up on some that paid with food stamps because of beurocratic red tape. AFM could not just issue them a cash refund like they did others. The refunds were actually completed in mid October.

  2. That's great news!! I'm sure all readers would be happy to know this!! I hope things get completely in order so Angel Food Ministries can come back!! It was a great resource for many!!

  3. Thanks. I looked and One Harvest Food Ministries is located not too far from me.


  4. Would you happen to know other current alternatives?

  5. Gaballi is NO longer in business.