Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Introducing...Frugalicious Diva!!

Hello world!!

I've been contemplating this blog for SEVERAL months…probably even a year. I've been so excited and scared to bring Frugalicious Diva to life…even though, she’s been around a while now. I was looking for her to make some grand entrance into this cyber world, but she’s been offering her advice and experience for over a year. So what’s the problem?

She’s Frugal!! She’s a Diva!! She’s learned how to live on less, attract abundance and enjoy life to the fullest!! She’s FRUGALICIOUS!! Most of all, she’s willing to share what she’s learned and is learning with anyone that is willing to read and listen.

TA DA!! There’s her grandiose introduction!!

Now, I also worried about how she would look. She is someone you can relate to and I wanted that to show. She’s sassy and cute, with a big smile and even bigger hair!! She’s fashionable and chic and her entire outfit was put together for less than $50!! Ha!

Guess what? She’s me!! So world, let me introduce you officially to Frugalicious Diva!!

Keep up with her and what she's doing:

Twitter: @FrugaliciousDva

Facebook. Frugalicious Diva

I look forward to sharing with you!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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