Friday, December 23, 2011

I'll Shop...on One Condition!!

I just decided I was going to participate in the shopping game for Christmas. Believe me, just because I am in doesn't mean I"m spending like crazy. In fact, it was pretty uncanny how my shopping day went. Yes, shopping DAY; singular not plural. I only designated one day to get a few gifts, just for close family.

So, I started off at Kmart. Went in to get ONE thing, so I didn't expect to stay long. I don't browse; I just go straight to the department I want, then I depart. Today, there was no one in the area, so I had to request a sales rep from customer service. I picked out my item and was happy to see a sign sitting on top of the merchandise that said 60% off!! FRUGALICIOUS!!

The saleswoman rings me up and the price is higher than I'd calculated. When I inquired, she says, "oh no, this merchandise is only 25% off." You know I didn't accept that, so when she asked if I wanted a manager, I replied, "Please." Well, the sign was in the wrong spot, but the manager was very friendly, even apologetic, as she honored the additional 35% off.

Lesson: Stand your ground when you're seeking a discount. Their mistake is our savings!!
Next, off to a Men's store. I walk in, tell them what I want and the sales gentleman take me to something in budget. He says, "if it's not on sale, we'll give you 10% off." Works for me and I handed him my card.

I set off to go to a couple of more stores, but there were no discounts or coupons or anything. Funny thing, there was also no interest in any of the merchandise. I literally couldn't find anything to stand out. I guess that means, I'm done!!

Hey, it's holiday time and stores want you to buy!! The lesson for me today is I don't mind shopping for something I want (or need of course), as long as I can get a discount!!

Happy Holidays!!

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