Saturday, April 25, 2015

Declutter Game - Day #25: Drug Take Back Day!!

We're on Day #25 and this declutter effort fell into my lap because it was something I was supposed to do a lonnnnnnng time ago!!

Today is the annual Drug Take Back Day and if you or someone you know has old or unused medications of which to dispose, today would be a great day to do it!! In my area, Kroger also participated in this effort. They partnered with law enforcement to collect expired, unused or unwanted prescription drugs for proper and safe disposal.

My declutter items included my daughter's old pain meds. Back in 2008, she had surgery for a torn ACL. She was in high school then and even though she was in pain, she was a trooper. We're a drug free house and never liked taking anything, so the 2-3 that she did take, we cut in half. Now, 7 seven later, she's moved out and I still have this bottle with almost 60 pills in it (so WAY more than 25).


Here's my local PSA: If you're in the NW Ohio area (specifically Lucas County), you can view the regular 12 drug drop off locations we have throughout the area.

Don't let your prescription drugs get into the wrong hands!! 

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