Thursday, April 23, 2015

Declutter Game - Day #22: Coupon Class Freebies

Last week, we were talking about coupons...AGAIN!!

Every since Tasha & I started teaching at the libraries, classes have been getting bigger and more popular. We always get regrets from people who say they can't make it, or afterward that they are sorry they missed it. However, the people who make it to class always mention that they learned a great deal. My suggestion... make it a priority next time!! LOL!! You're missing out on big savings!!

I'm always so excited to share the information that Tasha and I have learned (and continue to learn) and this time was no different.

We've taught at this library branch twice before and they always prove to have the biggest turnout. It's centrally located and one of the most popular branches in the city. We are fortunate they like the program and keep bringing us back!! Plus, they are so generous too. We had coffee and cookies!!

Class is set up with rows of chairs with a table for us in front. We also have two tables on the sides. One of the giveaways that both we and the library provided. We give away previous coupon inserts with lots of coupons in them. Additionally, we had a red basket of goodies. These are mostly travel/trial size items that we had in our stockpiles that would be small, but helpful gifts for those who attend the class.

In addition to what we give, the library, who funds this program through a grant, gave away two raffle prizes. Upon entering each attendee filled out a small slip of paper with their name, in hopes their name will be called to win one of the prizes (must be present to win)!! The library gave a new Card Guard and the Extreme Couponing book by Joni Meyer-Crothers, of Free Tastes Good.

$1 or Less Show & Tell Table
On the other side, we have our Coupon Show & Tell table. We started doing that specifically for those who might be skeptical about couponing because we make the promise: "once you start couponing, you'll find that the generic brand costs too much!!" This table is also a great conversation starter. EVERYTHING on it was either FREE for cost less than $1.00.

Having this class on the 22nd, was a great excuse to get rid of 22 items (actually it was way more with the other giveaways, but specifically there were 22 items in our Freebies Bin. Glad to get rid of the items and that they could go to someone who would use them. I had to pull back on getting a bunch of freebies, because they would be in a drawer or box somewhere and never get used.
What a great class we had too!! They were energetic, very involved and most importantly, gave us great reviews!! If you want to learn how to coupon responsibly and save big, be sure to make sure you're at the next one. There will be a next one!! :)
Latisha (FD) & Tasha

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