Thursday, April 16, 2015

Decluter Game Challenge - Day #16

Okay, I got rid of these items at the Zoo Recycle Day, but I still wanted to separate it out from the others, since there was 16 of these. Do you remember encyclopedias? Yeah, before Google, we actually looked up information and researched in books!!

I have always been a nerd and my parents gladly obliged when I asked for books. Speaking of my parents, I found this partial volume of encyclopedias in my parents' garage. They did a decluttering of their garage a couple of months ago and my Dad let me know that I still had books and miscellaneous items in there. Imagine my surprise to see my childhood books in there. Wow!!

So, I gathered them all up and threw them in the backseat of my car. I had the intention of taking them to Goodwill, but I hemmed and hawed, wondering it maybe the library might want them or could I give them to my nieces or some other child. They were dusty, but nothing I couldn't get off. Plus, they were in great condition!! 

Intentions are great, but in truth life got in the way, so now weeks later, I STILL had them in my car. Earth Day at the Zoo was the PERFECT way and reason to get them out of there. The best thing about it is Goodwill is who unloaded my car at the recycling event, so it got to the original destination anyway. Win-win!! Love when things work out!!

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