Sunday, April 19, 2015

Declutter Game Challenge - Day #19: Recycling Parents

It's Day #19!! I was on set once again for the last show of a local production of which I was crew. So, I still played Earth Mother and collected the bottles and cans from the actors, but on our way out a colleague pointed out a RECYCLE can right in the how did I miss that thing ALL weekend? SMH!!

Anyway, I visited my parents after the show (since it was an early one) and they had their recyclables waiting for me to take. Here's the deal. When our city first introduced the new trash (black) and recycle (blue) receptacles, they were so excited to recycle. They diligently sorted the items and took pride in the fact that they were doing it (even though I was trying to get them to do it for YEARS before the city got new bins...but I digress).

Now, for my parents...the thrill is GONE!! They stopped sorted and started to just throw everything in the trash. They are older, so they get a pass, but I would still find myself digging through their trash bin and sorting it for them. I would take home their stuff and put it in my own. So, we made a deal. If they were to go back to sorting, I'd always pick it up from them and put it in my recycling. After all, they want to "help the environment", but weren't fanatics (like me). So, when they the fill bags, they leave "my recycling", as they call it, in the garage.

Here's two bags I picked up from them on Day #19. There were more than 19 items (yes, I counted while dropping them in my blue bin), but I still needed to make up 9 items from Saturday, so I'm right on track. My parents' recycling, my's all out of our houses and our lives!!

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