Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What Happens on the Inside, Happens on the Outside!!

Yesterday in The Frugal Files, my blog at Belle Noir Magazine, I talked candidly about some issues going on in my life. To get the back story to this blog, why don't you check that one out first: See Yourself, Saving Yourself

Now that you've read my challenge to myself, let me go on to say...I just LOVE my new lawn guy!! He is the best!! He needs some business cards!! I let him shop in my donation pile because I am SOOOOOOOO grateful for him (in addition to me paying him of course)!!

Great family guy and since he was referred to me by members of my family that I highly respect, it was a perfect match!!

Here's pictures of his work. The proof is in the miracle he made of my hot mess of a yard!! This was just the front!!

BEFORE (Left Side)

AFTER (Left Side)

BEFORE (Right Side)

AFTER (Right Side)

Now, this is just Step 1. I'm on a mission to get myself and my yard together!! I heated up two bottles of my almost free vinegar and sprayed all the areas where there were weeds, because tomorrow he's putting down mulch!! YAY!! More importantly, a freecycler told me the city sells mulch for cheap. Even though I was already set to hit up Lowes tomorrow for their 4/$10 mulch sale, I think I will just drive around the corner and have them fill up a few large containers for $1.50 each!! WOOHOO!!

I'm getting it right and getting it tight!! I'll check in when the mulch is down!! Stay frugalicious!!

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