Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frugaliciously FREE Week!! My Kroger Money Maker!!

This is free week for me!! I'm heading out to the stores and seeing what I can get for free because FREE is the most fun (not to mention Frugalicious!!) 

So, go on a ride with me!! 

Let me share what kicked off this week!! Such a FRUGALICIOUS time at Kroger on Sunday!! Went to our Kroger that doubles up to 0.99 to use my last 0.75/2 Campbell's q's and saw they were no longer 4/$5 but 3/$5. I went to Customer Service and asked if it was a mistake and told them my concern with the attached catalina (buying 4 of them would give me $2.00 back). The store manager gave the ok to get for 4/$5 since I was only getting four (and they love me sooooooo much LOL). When I went back up there, they rang me out (oh, their catalina system was down).

This is what I got and as for my total...drum roll please....

(2 Angel Soft 4pk, 2 Airwick Air Fresheners (the other 2 were free at Dollar General), 3 Dawn Hand Renewal Soap, 4 Campbell's 100% Naturals soups, 4 Colgate, 4 Oscar Meyer Snack Deli Meats.)

THEY PAID ME $3.36!! PLUS, I got a gift card with $2.00 as a replacement to my catalina!! I got ALL the overage (not typical in all cases). You have to LOVE that kind of customer service!! 113% savings!! WOOHOO!! 

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