Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GIVE & GET Week - Day 3

Wow, what a great day!!

Let me just share of the frugalicious things that happened to me!!

First, I sold an item and banked it. While across town, I saw the gas was 0.23 cheaper than what I've seen across the city, so I filled up. In my ode to Earth month and recycling, I dropped off a few phone books and a bunch of plastic bags at Kroger. I checked the clearance racks and saw nothing, so I spent no money there!! Then when I finally got home, my Silkies order came. It was from a "freebie" code last month that allowed me to get $10 worth of product for free, PLUS free shipping. Even though customer service told me they would most likely cancel my order due to their mistake of releasing the wrong code, I still got my free stuff!! That's good customer service; make it up even when you mess it up!!

Now my GIVE and GET stories happened all at the same time, in the same store today!! I went to Family Dollar to pick up my free razors, for which I had a coupon. While there, I also saw two more items I could get for free, based on the coupons I had in my binder. So these are my GET today:

While I was looking around for other deals, another customer was looking in the same area I was in. I glanced at her cart and the items for which she was searching and gave her all the coupons I had for her items. She was happy to get them and I was happy to give them. Also, those razors I got are the ones my Dad uses, so I gave him the razors. My free stuff is my family's free stuff!!

How did you do today?

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