Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Goof for a Goof!!

Even between both myself and store making mistakes, I still saved and came out on top!!

(Me) Yesterday's goof: I didn't pay attention to the sale and missed out on my catalina at Kroger, plus found a coupon I forgot to use.

(Me) Today's goof: Umm...coupon was not for the item on sale, but found another item, plus got the two I should have gotten yesterday.

(Kroger) Today's goof: The items didn't ring up the promo price, so the cashier checked, saw I was right and adjusted...too much. I tried to correct her, but she said "go ahead, the store needs to fix it, it's their fault."

(Me) Today's other goof: Umm...the four items were not part of the same sale promo, so no catalina for me...whomp, whomp, whomp...

Even though I didn't get the catalina, I still walked away with both of these for FREE and I didn't even have to use my coupon. I say, that's a win!!


  1. Kroger sent me a $1 off coupon for this. What is the sale???

    1. They are 0.99 each. There's two promos. If you buy 4 participating items, you get $4 and $1 back. I mixed the two up. Actually, I think the register was right though. If I'd have gotten two more $4 participating items, I would have gotten that catalina. I need to read the promos more closely!! LOL