Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Frugalicious Things - Week at a Glance

Hey folks!! Just wanted to drop a quick blog about some of the frugalicious things I have been doing. It's been a busy couple of weeks, but I still managed to be frugal!! Here's a list of things. I know I probably forgot a  few, but I'm still proud of my list!!

  • Dropped off clothes in the donation bins
  • Gave away items on Freecycle
  • Combined all errands and limited driving as much as possible
  • Potlucked, especially for the holiday
  • Cooked and ate leftovers
  • Gave away lots of coupons
  • Skipped excess shopping and wore or used things we had
  • Used recyclable bags when I did shop
  • Recycled the plastic grocery bags at Kroger (they all take them)
  • Substituted ingredients and used what we had in the cupboard/frig
  • Changed the furnace filters
  • Got gas for the lowest in the city (checked Gas Buddy before filling up)
  • Skipped the bottled water and drank tap
  • Donated a huge bag of shredded paper to a cat shelter
  • Donated toiletries (I got for FREE) to a local Family Resource Center
  • Had a few $0 spending days
  • Visited our new casino and did not gamble
  • Won free tickets to a concert/festival

How about you? What frugalicious things have you done in the last week? Share on this blog, on Facebook or Twitter!!


  1. WOW you had a great week!!!!

    I had a few $0 spending days!
    Got a great deal on Ballpark franks at Kroger!
    Got $0.40/off gas from buying a gift card at Kroger.
    Took lunch to work all week (so far) lol

    1. Thanks!! You did well yourself!! WOOHOO on the gas especially!! Keep brown bagging it girlie!! It's the only way to do lunch!! LOL