Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Free Sample: Aloe King Aloe Vera Gel!!

What a great natural freebie!! Hurry to request your sample of Aloe King Aloe Vera Gel!! 

You can choose to get the regular Aloe Vera Gel or the Aloe Vera Gel with Tea Tree Oil!! I love Tea Tree Oil, so you can guess which one I picked!!

Once you submit, just ignore and close out the pop up screen!! You should receive your sample with a couple of weeks!!

Edited to add...
Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel: It has soothing properties, so you can use it on burns, scratches and itch/bites. It's a moisturizer for the skin and you can use it in your hair. In my experience, it's been a great aid in detangling hair. It can also be used to ease dental gum pain, like a natural version of Anbesol.

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