Thursday, March 8, 2012

Money Saving at Meijer!!

It's been a very frugalicious month for me so far!! I'm learning more than I expected...and I expected to learn alot. Between watching the sales, doing store/price match ups and gathering my free items, I am overwhelmed, but in a good way. I am really getting the hang of this.

My confession...I don't want to purchase the Sunday paper...I've already been spoiled, thinking I should get everything for free!! After all, I am the Frugalicious Diva!! LOL

Anyway, per the advice of all my coupon mentors, I have just about mastered the coupon quirks and policies for two stores: Kroger and Walmart. There are so many of them easily accessible to me and I like their coupon policies the best. Walmart allows unlimited coupons and pays overage when the coupon is more than the item. While Kroger does neither of those, they double coupons and has great deals you can get on a Kroger savings card!!

Which brings me to what I'm excited about this week. MEIJER!! Besides a few mystery shopping jobs I had there a few years ago, I never really had a reason to go there. It' s a little out of the way and it's expensive in my opinion, but with the couponing blogs finding out about the deals, I think I'm getting on board. I stopped in  initially to check out the clearance's no Kroger and I found nodda. Food-wise, the only thing on clearance are the baked goods they had to many of

One YAY for them is their savings program: mPerks. It's a card, just like Kroger; you can load ecoupons, just like Kroger; you can save, just like Kroger...well kind of. While you can load ecoupons from their website, Kroger allows you to use either the ecoupon OR a manufacturer/printable coupon. With mPerks, you can stack the ecoupon (already on your card) with your physical coupons, which adds to the savings!! Meijer also doubles coupons, but only the first two, but still honors the face value of all your other coupons.

Meijer wants you to get on board too, so when you sign up for your mPerks, which only requires your cell phone number (no physical card to carry around), they automatically give you $2.00 to spend in the store. The drawback is be ready to save THAT day, as it's the only day it's valid. So don't miss out (like I did), use your money and get your savings. Sign up here: Meijer mPerks

Here was my first shopping trip with Meijer Deals. I saved $5.56!! I paid a total of $5.00 even!! All the gum was FREE!!

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