Monday, March 19, 2012

Free Shopping Always Makes Me Feel Better!!

Hey folks!!

It was a pretty frugal weekend!! I passed out coupons at the restaurant where we hosted our monthly Book Club meeting. Shout out to Diva's Book Club 2011!! Great discussion and great times!!

On the way home...issues with my car. I prayed to make it home and vowed I wouldn't go anywhere else in it until it was checked out on Monday. So my Sunday was SUPER frugal!! Not only was it a beautiful, peaceful day, it was just what I needed to sit and write, read and finish some pending projects. On top of that I cooked, so it was a win/win. I couldn't forget about my Sunday paper coupon inserts, so I walked to the store. Exercised for FREE!!

So, this morning was the moment of truth for this car. Lights blinked, bells dinged and the car screeched all the way across town to the dealer. I'd just gotten a recall notice for something in the car too, so at least I'd be getting SOME free maintenance. Poor Pali, my car, (whose full name is Paid Off Pali) came into the garage shrieking and smoking, but she made it. She stayed all day and came out purring with no annoying message light warnings. Then the bill came...even with a discount...whomp, whomp, whomp.

I'm truly grateful to have her back up and running and I headed to Kroger for some Free Shopping. I shopped only clearance and since my coupon was twice the value of the item, I grabbed a few dented cans, and Kroger still paid me 0.11 for that trip. Free does indeed taste good!!

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