Monday, February 27, 2012

Clearance Shopping: Discounting Discounts!!

I made a new discovery last week and it was really in effect this past weekend.

When shopping, it is customary for me to head directly to the clearance racks. It's usually there because it's off season or because it simply needs to leave the store expeditiously in order to make room for new items. One can often find classic pieces to fit in a wardrobe or a gem of an item that you've always wanted. If you're more about personal style than trends, then you don't mind shopping from the low budget rack, in fact you gloat there.

So, for something so commonplace to me, why didn't I realize I could shop clearance EVERYWHERE, including the grocery store? Last week I discovered Kroger's clearance goodies. By chance, I asked an associate and she pointed me to a clearance table in one area of the store and a shelf on the opposite side of the store. Although I found some great deals, I only took advantage of a couple. Clearance is the way to shop, ESPECIALLY if you have coupons!!

I saw a range of cereals, lotions, kitchen utensils. Items that I had coupons for, but didn't use, I left on the table for someone else to benefit. After all folks, if you're paying for something you don't need, even if it's on clearance, it's a waste of money!! I had never tried Silk Almond Milk and the individual servings were on the table, so I picked up a couple of those for 0.89 each (normally $1.00). I also found some SoftSoap dispensers that we use. I got two for 0.79 each (normally $1.49). We're stocked and it was a good deal!!

I will be sure to ask about these goody racks every time I set foot into a grocery store, especially Kroger. Words of wisdom frugalicious folks: ALWAYS take your coupons!! You NEVER know what deal you'll find and getting a discount on the discounted gravy!! Enjoy your week!!

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