Monday, February 6, 2012

My Frugalicious Weekend!!

What an eventful weekend!! I was excited all week waiting for my Extreme Couponing Saturday!! I was already on a zero spending challenge, that I broke in order to experience my first EC experience!! Check it out: My 1st Extreme Couponing Experience

Saturday came and I attended my first official coupon class, taught by Extreme Couponer Joni Meyer-Crothers of Saving and Sharing for Christ. Awesome and very down to earth!! This is truly her calling and ministry; so willing to share!! I was a sponge!! Giveaways & coupons galore!! Check out her blog site for weekly savings and tips on how to save more!! Free Tastes Good

My goal this year is to master couponing, stock and maintain a stockpile for my church's pantry and help others to get free items. It's about being frugalicious, saving money and being generous to other people. I love the motto of Saving & Sharing for pass the blessing on. I believe that's the reason we're blessed; to bless others. That class was a blessing to me, not only because of the knowledge, but because of the awesome people I met in that room.

I asked my neighbor seated next to me if she needed pet food coupons. To my surprise, she donates to the Humane Society!! Later she passed me five coupons and told me I'd get a surprise at the register. At the end of class, I met a group of women I think I'll be friends with for life!! We had a common goal to save, but to do something for our community. Stay tuned, as we're in the planning stages.

The ladies I met in class accompanied me on my shopping trip and it was an eye opener. I had all my coupons ready to get my free or cheap items and I never once thought...the shelf may be empty. Boo!! Those are the breaks though. I didn't walk away without anything though. Here's what I got this weekend!!

From Kroger: The diced tomatoes were on the 10/10 promo list, so they were 0.49 each. I have five $1.00 off 2 coupons. They paid me back 0.10. <--That was my surprise!!

Family Dollar: The CoverGirl items are tweezers, travel tweezers and a wide nail brush and were all FREE, using two coupons I had for ANY CoverGirl. So I just chose the items were would be free and I could use. Mustard was on clearance for 0.80 and I had a 0.30 off coupon. Had a coupon for 0.85 for the Coke. Total at FD: $1.58

Walmart: BIC pens were free with $1.00 off coupon. For the toothpaste, I used two 0.50 off coupons. Total at Walmart: $1.04

So, this weekend I spent $2.52 and got all of the above, PLUS a free dinner at Chipotle. My daughter allowed me to redeem her comped meal from a previous complaint she filed. It was a great weekend; completely FRUGALICIOUS!!

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