Thursday, January 26, 2012

My First Extreme Couponing Experience!!

Today is such a great day!! I am so grateful for the people I meet and the things I experience!! I met and became fast friends with a local couponing GURU!! She know about the sales, the coupons to use and the deals on top of the deals!! The best part about it is she shared her knowledge with me, helping me to fulfill my goal of being coupon savvy in 2012!!

So after meeting and partially putting my book together (Thank you and I'll get the rest done), I set out to Kroger to see what savings I could get. I'm not good with all the lingo and terms yet, but I can say I saved!! I got everything below for $5.95!! According to my receipt, my total Kroger savings today was $18.34!! I'm impressed and I'm hooked. Big THANK YOU shout out to Tasha of I LUV 2 COUPON!! Check her out and join the group on Facebook here: I LUV 2 Coupon and get info on weekly frugal deals and share your own savings!!


  1. You did a great job! We had that same sale here in Chicago. Keep it up!!!

  2. Thank you!! I'm trying!! I'm watching you, Joni Crothers and Tasha Davis!!