Thursday, January 5, 2012

Taking it Up a Notch: Coupon Class

Happy New Year!! It's a new season and it's a new day!! So, that means it's time for us to take our FRUGALICIOUS-NESS to the next level!!

I can save, spot a sale and make some money, but my couponing game could use a boost. Yes, I use coupons currently, but I want to save like they save on Extreme Couponing!! It is one of Frugalicious Diva's goals to attend a coupon class, so I began looking for one in my area.

I actually found one that is free and that's great!! However, I also found another one by one of the Extreme Couponing All-Stars Joni Meyer-Crothers!! Listen to this: the class fee is $10.00 AND 5 nonperishable food or hygienic items to donate to a local non-profit!! I LOVE IT!! They believe in passing the blessing on and so do I!! I signed up quickly, as I heard her class fills up quickly. I'm so excited to learn and even more excited to share what I learn!!  
By the way, if you love to coupon, then join other who do too!! Check out I LUV 2 Coupon on Facebook!! Also, make sure you're watching out for freebies and such on my page on Facebook: Frugalicious Diva and follow me on Twitter @FrugaliciousDva

Let's save more in 2012!!


  1. Sign up for season 3 of Extreme Couponing after you take the class. You are going to love learning how to coupon.

  2. Thank you!! I certainly will!! I just came across a church in my area that could really use the help with stocking it's pantry!!