Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Frugalicious Savings Challenge!! Do It!!

If you've been Facebook for any amount of time in January, then you have seen The Savings Challenge grid!! It's a great tool to get a nice little nest egg at by the end of the year. Plus, it's easy to remember because you put in the amount of dollars that correspond with the number of the week you're on. 

If you haven't started, you can catch up. We're on Week #3, so get your $6.00 and let's get started!! 

There are many ways to do your challenge. I'm traditional, from Week #1 - #52, but I've seen others say they are doing:

  • Week 52 - 1, to ensure they have more money to spend during holiday season
  • First and last week and working their way to the middle, where they will be complete in six months
  • Lumps at a time, like Week 1 - 10, etc.
  • Based on affordability, keeping all the dates and when they save for that particular week, they check it off and date it

However you choose to do it, just do it!! Don't know where to keep the money? Try an out-of-sight, online account!! I suggest ING Direct because it's easy, pays a nice percentage on interest, allows you to have multiple accounts, PAYS you $25 to start the account (with $250 or more) and $10 to the person who referred you. PLUS, you can refer others and get paid $10 each for up to $500!! That's making money on top of saving money!!

If you want to set up your account today, head over to ING Direct, open an Orange SAVINGS account and tell them Frugalicious Diva sent you!!


  1. It looks good, but I may need to borrow money from the earlier weeks to pay for the latter weeks.


    1. You can cater this challenge to your own needs. The goal is to save and if you're doing that, it's all good in my book!! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!!

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